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Ecological Restoration Manager H/F #70211

Date de parution : 08-01-2021

Contrat CDI
Secteur Management environnemental
Fonction(s) Études / Projets / Développement

Contexte du recrutement et définition de poste :

Buildup the ecological restoration plan of Alula in collaboration with the other Departement of RCU and ensure the good implementation, monitoring and valorisation of this plan, both at scientific, technical and public levels

Provide input to the sector’s strategy from the Department's or Section's perspective in line with RCU overall vision and mission.

Develop the Department's or Section's objectives, KPIs, annual operational plans and ensure plan execution is meeting the targets.

Contribute to the preparation of the Department's or Section's annual budget and monitor the financial performance of the Department or Section.

Implement and execute the Department's or Section's policies and procedures. Oversee the overall performance of the section and ensure KPI’s are well developed, cascaded, communicated and monitored.

Design and manage the development of the  ecological restoration plan and strategy in Alula to ensure an increase of naturality of the Region.

Ensure territorial consistency in terms of ecological frameworks (continuities) in connection with regional development projects

Build the ecological restoration projects’ plans and financial budgeting.

Manage budgeting and reporting to executive-level stakeholders

Secure the supply chain of furnitures for the projects (plants, seeds, support, protections …)

Build and design the ecosystem around ecological restoration (seed harvesting, plant producers, workers)

Identify the best technical solutions for each case ( incl. survey of ecological engineering innovations)

Coordinate the ecological diagnosis of relevant sites (soil, vegetation …) and the seed harvesting programs

Coordinate the implementation of ecological restoration projects in coordination with the stackeholders

Supervise the long term survey of the restoration ecology actions (field mission, data collection and treatment, …) with the experts involved in the project

Facilitate and oversee technical engineering design and construction professionals through all phases of restoration projects

Represent RCU in national and international congress on ecologcial restoration to present the scientific communications

Design the departmental communication plan of each project within ecology.

Contribute in building and updating database about the AlUla County plants’ information.

Work with national natural resources agency regulatory staff to ensure projects are compliant with

local and state regulations.

Develop scopes of work, requests for proposals, contracts for mitigation activities and managing project budgets.

Perform any other job related duties as required by the direct manager.


Profil recherché :

Master degree in Plant Ecology  Preferred PhD in Ecological restoration

10  years of relevant experience , 5 years of relevant experience in management of ecological restoration programs at a large scale

Strong plant identification skills and familiarity with ecology and native flora of the middle east.

Demonstrated work experience on ecological restoration.

Demonstrated work experience with project management in this field