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Assistant de Recherche H/F #91363

Date de parution : 20-02-2023

Contrat Volontariat (autre que service civique)
Secteur Recherche et environnement
Fonction(s) Études / Projets / Développement
Formation Au moins BAC+2

Contexte du recrutement et définition de poste :

Training on whale, dolphin and sea turtle research in Nicaragua, Central America


About us

Association ELI-S is a small non-profit organization based in France that was created in 2013. Our organization aims at promoting, protecting and conserving cetaceans in Central America. We are running the Cetacean Conservation Project of Nicaragua since 2016. This pioneer project aims to generate knowledge on cetacean presence, population size, distribution and habitat use patterns. The expected output is to generate: 1) scientific data 
on whales, dolphins and sea turtles in Nicaragua to assess distribution and movement patterns, behaviours and, 2) environmental awareness to the local communities in order to create a socio-economic relevance in conserving and protecting their natural environment and 3) responsible eco-tourism by participating to beach clean-up.

Association ELI-S is recruiting research assistants for field work, photo-identification and data entry between February and April (season 1) and August-September (season 2) 2023 in San Juan del Sur. A commitment of minimum 2 weeks is expected. 



- Joëlle De Weerdt, PhD Candidate Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Project director of Cetacean conservation of Nicaragua 

- Leslie Blanchet, MSc, Research Assistant in Association ELI-S 


What we offer:  

- A unique experience in Central America to study cetaceans

- Online training covering following topics: Cetaceans Ecology and Biology, Research methods and Fieldwork (23rd to 27th of January)

- High- quality two weeks training program including at least 4 field trips

- Experience research and conservation in the field from a researcher and local community perspective

- Valuable experience to pursue a marine research career

- Possibilities of entering research community and developing scientific and professional web

- Real field experience giving additional value to your CV

- Possibilities to learn a new language (French or Spanish)


This training is a unique opportunity to participate in a pioneer research project on cetacean conservation in Central America under the supervision of experienced marine biologists, which gives the opportunity for the participants to develop both professionally but also personally thanks to the unique experience to live within local communities.

Location: San Juan del Sur, South-West of Nicaragua 

Project length: 1st of March to 15th of April and 1st of August to 30th of September (deadline: June 30th) with a minimum of 2 weeks commitment

Type of agreement: Full time 


What to expect: 
-  Assist in boat-based surveys and data collection on cetaceans 
-  Photo-identification of whale and dolphin species including matching and grading (computer based)
-  Data entry of collected field data 
-  Participate to public outreach and events 

Successful candidates will: 
-  Gain valuable and unique experience in cetacean survey techniques including behavioural studies, biopsy sampling procedures and acoustic data collection 
-  Work in a very dynamic environment 
-  Get insight in running a research project in developing countries 


Dates and Fees 

  • 15 February – 28 February
  • 1st March – 15 March 
  • 15 March – 31 March
  • 1st April – 15 April
  • 1st August – 15 August
  • 15 August – 31 August
  • 1st September – 15 September
  • 15 September – 30 September

(min. 2 weeks commitment) 

500$ for two weeks


What is included : 

- A membership to Association ELI-S for a year 

- An online training on field methods and protocols of 10 hours (23rd to 27th of January)

- A full marine biologist training (photo-identification, acoustic, data collection, behaviour ...) 

- Fieldwork including boat surveys 

- Team support for travel logistics and local activities 


What is not included: 

- Accommodation (an extra of 300$ for 2 weeks is asked for an accommodation)

- Meals

- Travel to the study site (international flight and national transportation) but we’ll help you to organise your trip if needed.

- Personal expenses: restaurants, bars, telephone, laundry, etc. 

- Travel health insurance 

- VISA fee (10$) 


To apply: 
Please email your CV and cover letter outlining your experience and motivations. Send this to with “Training program 2023” in the subject line.
Leslie Blanchet (MSc) - Research Assistant in Association ELI-S 

Become a donor of our project: 

Profil recherché :

Knowledge you need to participate:

-  Enthusiastic, conscientious and proactive (!)
-  Interest in marine wildlife and conservation

- Be able to solve problem in unanticipated situations

- Have an attention to detail and follow policies and procedures
-  Being comfortable on a small boat and spend long hours on a boat in the sun 
-  Being able to work in a small team 
-  Be able to swim 

- Spoken language: English (mandatory), French (not mandatory) or Spanish (optional)